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We are Kinetic Levi, family, creating interior mobiles. Our main idea is to make art pieces that help people to keep calm watching them.

That is our slogan – "keep calm and watch the mobile", we attach this note to each of our product.

Modern life makes us to hurry up all the time, to do more and faster not to have a rest, not to stop to see life and beauty around us.
We believe our mobiles help people to stop for a moment and just watch. Our kinetic sculptures move as an air, they are always calm and slow. It makes to think about true value and beauty of life.

We use natural matherials for our mobiles, mostly different types of wood.
All our mobiles supposed to be both - for kids room or just fit to any space.



We are excited to be featured in Milk magazine NO.25 - AW21 issue.

Kinetic Levi were awarded as The Best Lifestyle project. Hooray!

Follow us on YouTube. Here we collect moments of creating process and other interesting stuff.

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