Michelle standing mobile

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This mobile’s name is MICHELLE
This mobile shows us the balance of the whole and that which consists of parts. Trinity. Libra.

That is standing model. Michelle will fit to every space, it is not so big, but will be a great decoration of any interior! 

The base made from brass rod, and hanging part from stained birch tree.

Mobiles with slow rotation bring an element of tranquility and coziness, the petals of the mobile are light and move smoothly.

Material: brass rods, birch balls
Size: 24 x 28 cm

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Dear customers from Israel
We do not sell the mobiles to your country directly as far as we have an exclusive distributor in Israel, please feel free to purchase our mobiles in this shop - woooolf.co.il

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Mobile is an artwork and is great for children, but it is not a toy. Please stand your mobile out of the reach of children.
There is no need to pull the mobile. The air will do all the job!


Delivery with the purchase of 1 item is 18$, with a purchase of 2 or more items the cost of delivery will be calculated individually in each case!

You do not need special care products for our mobiles.
Easy wet cleaning is all that would save them from dust.


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