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Excellent quality! Just what I hoped for. Would order again.

Lynda • 16 Jan, 2022

Item arrived and is exactly as listed. Quality of item is very good and the packaging is done well with attention to being eco-friendly.

Andreas • 14 Jan, 2022

Circles on the water met all expectations. A piece of art that attracts you and intrigues you is special. Significantly enhanced by the fact that there is an artist behind the art makes the piece personal. Thank you for a piece of art I enjoy!

Ron • 03 Jan, 2022

Absolutely fabulous. My boyfriend loves a kinetic item. Very hard to find much in that field anywhere really, not that’s good and affordable anyway. This is simple and mesmerising. Thanks very much!

Wendy Longhurst • 30 Dec, 2021

This piece is beautiful and functional. My son is memorized by the color and movement, he’s even drifted into a nap! It is perfected for the play/office room both whimsical and sophisticated.

Maribel • 16 Dec, 2021

Stunning, beautiful craftsmanship but, above all..... VERY SPECIAL and will be a family heirloom as long as it lasts! For my grandbaby to relax her to sleep and to remind her of me. Beautifully packaged, sent withing agreed time frame. I am delighted!

Jacqui • 11 Dec, 2021

Gorgeous, absolutely delighted with my mobile ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

aoifemaryanne • 19 Nov, 2021

Exactly like picture. Don’t regret buying. Looks great in my study. Packaging was good and delivery was on time.

Richa • 29 Oct, 2021

Such a beautiful and calming piece! Makes me happy every time I see it. Thank you so much!

Olivia Malesco • 17 Oct, 2021

Lovely, simple, and calming to watch. Beautiful addition to my meditation area.

djlbrooks14 • 14 Oct, 2021

I can't stop staring at it!

Caroline • 27 Sep, 2021

Lovely mobile. Great over the crib today, and interesting enough to hang in the living room when the little one is finished with it.

Devan • 04 Sep, 2021

Love this mobile. Looks great in my grandsons nursery.

Christine • 28 Aug, 2021

I keep killing my hanging plants, so found this to be something to bring perfect dimension to my small Brooklyn apartment!

Katie • 27 Aug, 2021

Great customer service. Originally the first mobile we received broke and then the company reached out and send a replacement immediately. The second mobile arrived and is beautiful. Would recommend this product!

Kristin • 19 Aug, 2021

Beautifully crafted piece. Well balanced and elegant. Exactly as described. Love it.

Anna • 14 Jul, 2021

This little thing makes me so darn happy. It came packed up beautifully and securely. So easy to install. The colors are vivid without being too toy-like bright. With the windows open or the fan on it moves gently. So calming.

Nina • 03 Jul, 2021

Worth the wait!! We love this kinetic mobile so much. After looking at what feels like hundreds of designs, this one is by far our favorite. The packaging and overall quality is top notch. The colors are beautiful and it looks great above the babies changing table. Great product, highly recommend.

Mason • 28 Jun, 2021

The most gorgeous, magical kinetic mobile and baby gift imaginable!!! Thank you for the wonderful service too! This will be my go-to gift from now on!

Maureen • 30 May, 2021

I love the balance and movement. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.

Liz • 25 May, 2021

I regret not buying this sooner. It's stunning and the wood adds a warmth to the mobile.

Jamie on 21 May, 2021

Fine, delicate and poetic!

AnneLise • 26 May, 2021

As described, really very beautiful and filigree.

Johanna • 30 Apr, 2021

This piece is absolutely beautiful. A work of art!

Farrah • 17 Feb, 2021

Great attention to detail with packaging. Great quality. Beautiful mobile.

Michael • 14 Sep, 2020

The mobile you made is a really cool addition to our home!

anaday74 • 01 Sep, 2020

Calm and beautiful. Simple art that makes you feel good. Exactly what I wanted over my babies crib. Thank you so much!

Gloria • 31 Jul, 2020

Very cool. Would definitely purchase another design in the future.

Sam • 14 Jul, 2020

The wonder has just arrived! This mobile is absolutely beautiful and superbly made. The packaging is very neat as well. Let's go for hours of hypnosis!!!

Sandrine • 08 Jun, 2020

Just hung it in my living room and it fits in perfectly! Love it =)

Laurel • 02 Feb, 2020

It’s beautiful, cheerful, and the perfect addition to our bedroom. We love the actual mobile, of course, and watching its shadows on the wall is an extra treat. It came beautifully and carefully packaged.

Elizabeth • 18 Nov, 2019

I love this brass mobile! I've been looking for the right mobile for a long time and this one fits in perfectly in my small apartment. Thanks Liya!

nephatiti • 06 Oct, 2019

I have never seen such a beautiful mobile.

I like it so much!!

okanehoshigirl • 15 Sep, 2019

I love love love my Dolly mobile! it's quite mesmerizing... and great customer service and fast shipping too.

jennifer • 23 Mar, 2019

We LOVE this mobile. It’s so beautiful and hypnotic to watch, perfect for above my baby’s cot. Also love how it’s gender neutral.

Weenads • 16 Jan, 2019

I'm in love with this mobile! It's really beautiful and the people behind Kinetic Levi are very friendly and helpful.

Ellen • 04 Jan, 2019

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